Day 59 (Mile 718.7 – 728.1):

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Slept terribly (warmest night thus far) and was very eager to get to town, leaving camp 6am, killing those last 9.6 miles into town in 4 hours.  Checked in to a reasonably priced motel, took a shower and very willingly walked a mile across town through two construction sites (not dangerous) to Crackle Barrel, to order my favorites!

Waitress was suprised that I was just ordering for myself. They must not get too many thru-hikers.

Three hours later ate some more, though much closer places to the place I am staying.

As much as I Hope certain things will fall into place, nobody can predict the future. ^-^ Thinking that within the next 5 years, I will make my way to Poland, Iceland, Cape Town, Thailand, Crete…mainly because those are reasonably priced places to travel to on a budget.  As for my living situation, I am still thinking. I hear Colorado is a reasonably priced area to rent in, plus I may want to thru-hike the Colorado trail after hearing so many good things on this trail about it. 🙂

Contacted some close friends and family. My dad should be joining me for I think two nights at some point this up and coming Sunday morning.

Ate into some of those treats Suzi and David Madison had put together. I noticed the greater number of M&Ms this time. Thanks again! 20170613_213900

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