Day 67 (Mile 834.7 – 842.8):

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Made a goal to take a day off at Devil’s Backbone Brew Pub. They have free camping and I wouldn’t mind taking a nero to enjoy the local brew.

Really hard climb up to Three Ridges Mountain. I sincerely can’t remember a harder climb.

Rattle snake on the way down from Three Ridges. Good thing I didn’t have my headphones in. That rattle snake did not want to leave the side of the trail.

Devil’s backbone looks like a resort.


Peaceful place to lounge especially with the wifi. =)

Food was awesome!

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Need to come back with friends to this place, plus I didn’t try the other flights! =D

-Begin rant- The less attention I show, the more attention I get. So the more I am disinterested, the more attention I get from the other?  I have realized this reality way before now, but doesn’t this reality ever make you think, what the actual fuck? Attention is like a currency and you don’t want to flood the market or your value or rather the value of that attention will depreciate. Fortunately, I usually can play this reality (And of course, I am interested in very few people), although it continues to bother the hell out of me, especially when I am interested in someone because I continuously need to hold myself back from giving those individuals too much attention. Say all you want to deny and convince me that is not the case, but you cannot, it is a reality. – End rant-

Side Notes:
– For sure blind without contacts on.



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