Day 68 (Mile 842.8 – 861.9):

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Dope breakfast food at the brewery.  Quite expensive though.

Ah…the opportunities you miss simply by looking at your phone. I guess I should try to live life more like my brother, Jack or my friend Hope who seemingly are never near their phones when you are trying to reach them. But anyways, I do need to live in the moment more. On the trail it is always the moment I live in, but off trail with an access point to a wifi source, it is like I am the one being consumed, instead of the other way around, oblivious to everything and everyone around me.

About noon today I saw a completely nude older man on the trial…I might be going crazy…but later found out this is a thing during the Summer Solstice.

Another rattle snake this time on the top of Hump back Mountain …though this one I literally minutes after taking my headphones out and very much startled me.20170622_132836

Have been thinking, if I were to live anywhere in VA, I would want to live in this area of Virginia.

At the point where I feel like I got what I wanted out of the trail. I am not going to quit, but finding reason to keep going is getting harder. So far it is b/c I’ll regret it if I don’t finish.

Made it to Waynesboro, VA and stayed at the shadiest motel I have ever stayed at. Sort of a bait and switch, but I was tired and at that point could care less.  The room I was staying for the hiker discount was being renovated, wifi was non-existant, the dyier didn’t work, people were renting there, and the mangager was constantly yelling/fighting with I think her boyfriend. I didn’t realize motels by the way, could or would rent out rooms for people to live in.

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