Watched a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio in it until check out time then decided to do my laundry leaving that motel 12:30ish for the post office in Afton to pick up my much needed sleeping bag.


Trail angel, “Surely” picked me up when I was walking down a pretty busy dangerous mountain road. Took me to the post office and was nice to also take me back to the trailhead!

Entered into Shenandoah National Park today!

Yes…I do realize I filled out some parts incorrectly.

Saw first bear of the park in 10 min.

Thoughts lurking in head:
I can feel myself falling further for the girl I wrote the love letter to as we continue to talk over the phone whenever I am in town. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I can feel pain knowing I have more than 1000 miles to go. I do use these thoughts as motivation to keep pushing forward, but it will still be quite sometime until I will get to see her face again, time for her to easily fall for someone else. I do not believe in the one, but the longer I think about what I want…it is hard to stay on the trail.


Meet two British guys on the trail section hiking the Shenandoah region and learned a great deal from their perspectives of the United States.  I enjoyed their comments about the certain ignorant people here.  Also, found they were super upset about the drinking age here. They were 18 and 19.  They gave me some great traveling advice too, for they were both on their gap year.

Met some cool section hikers at the first shelter in the Shanendoahs. Very happy for the number of people on the trail in the Shanendoah. 20170623_203127

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