Day 70 (Mile 869.6 – 895.8):

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20170624_085717Windy today but a kind of beautiful wind. Not too chilly not too hot, just right.


Saw an owl today.  Even cooler, I took a picture of it too, if you can see it in the tree there in the photo above.

The blackberry milkshake I heard so much about at one of the restaurants a little off the AT in the Shenandoah kept up to the hype. It was good, though the food was not so good, as well as overpriced.  It is cool though that they have stores not too far off trail every so often in the Shenandoah.


Have been thiking a lot and I decided to not worry about whatever happens off trail and simply focus on the trail.  Need to also socialize too because I have been very much too myself for a good stretch.

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