Day 71 (Mile 895.8 – 912.6):

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Long break this morning on near a mountain viewpoint realizing I had good service and after two hours also realizing that I am still very much addicted to the internet.

900 Mile Mark!20170625_111116

Bags (guy I met at the previous shelter) showed me which bush grew blueberries.  He seemed to know a lot about ediables of the mountains, but claimed there is still much to know. He said apparently there is this bark out here that can act as aspirn. 20170625_213624

Finished day with my all time favorite meal on the trail!  20170625_195751

Too tired from yesterday, as well as neglecting to eat last night lead to stealth camping on a mountain four miles away from my orginal destination, which was not all bad because I had service enough to call my favorite person, which helped silence some anxieties I had been having while on the trail being away from her for so long.  Also, talked about an encounter I had a couple nights ago with this guy who has been in a twenty-five year relationship with his girlfriend, had a house with her, and twins on the way.  Elaborated a bit how this example opened my mind to other possibilities of being together with someone you love. She seemed interested in the concept as well or at least more so than marriage.

Side Notes:

Mom had messaged me that a co-worker of hers had lived near the Appalachian Trail close to Linden, VA and offered to house me for a night.  I did not want to refuse this offer. I enjoy meeting new people, but in order for this to work out in a timely manner so I am able to get Harper’s Ferry by July 1 to meet up with Karen, Wednesday had to be the time I arrived in Linden, VA, meaning I needed to pull 65 miles in  3 days.

Song stuck in my head:  Tom Rosenthal – For You To Be Here

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