Spent the day with Karen who took the time out of her busy life to hang out.  Thanks again if you are reading this!  Sorta planned to go tubing, but then decided not to but to rather just save it for a time when Conor is also free.  Instead we ate out and chilled by the water.


Karen brought some watermelon and mangos to snack on!


One of the stores we stopped by was selling the grape version Stewart’s…this stuff is so good! =D Also…very very hard to find. 20170701_165158

So towards the end of the day I was getting anxious because it had been getting late and I had yet planned where to stay for the night. Karen had been very suprised, because this sort of behavior is very unlike me. Not the anxious part (ha), but the unorganization.  Luckily, like very luckily, ran into a group of hikers that had room for one more.  With honestly no other options because everything in and around town had been booked, I accepted their offer.  They booked a room in a very convenient location, walking distance from a Walmart. This by the way was the nicest Motel 6, I had ever stayed in. Just look at this room:20170701_210931

We may be the first ones to stay in this room for it looked very newly renovated.

I was very much caught off guard how strangly everything worked out and my luck.

Very cool people, good vibes. ^-^

Side Note:
While hanging out with Karen I noticed the lack of insecurities I had about the world, specifically how I looked and acted.

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