Day 78 (1023.1 – 1040.1):

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Planned on going much further but last night my Mom invited me to our 4th of July family event since I happened to be in the Maryland area. So today was sort of a nero, leaving Harper’s ferry afternoon.


About half way into my hike, ran into a long distance section hiker, “Lieutenant Tom”….I think. It was something Tom. Anyway, we talked for a while and time flew.  We mainly talked life such as education, work, and women. He was only 19, but lately I have been giving more advice than recieving. I mean I also gave some advice (more like book recommendations to fit his situation) to this guy in his early 40s staying at the Econo Lodge when I was staying there.  Lieutenant Tom seemed to be struggling with shoes he bought in town so he stopped by the shelter a mile or two before the camp site I decided to stay at.

The camp site was very nice. Likely the best one I have stayed at or at least the one with the most amenities (Including T-mobile service). Very crowed too. Probably should have sociallized a bit, but passed out in tent after eating.Screenshot_20170703-092418

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