Spent the majority of the morning uploading my blog.  I apologize for the delay for any one following.  I realize some people thought I had gotten off the trail.  Valid assumption, but I am still hiking! 🙂  The blog has just been harder and harder to make time for in my day as I push for bigger miles and as wll push myself to socialize more.

Family seemed excited to see me, for they had no idea I was coming to our family July 4th celebration.  Received lots of questions.  Apparently, I appear stronger.  I haven’t noticed honestly.  Beisdes my hair being a much lighter color brown, I really look the same.  Could be the beard or my general aura. ^_^

As normal, we had our crab feast and caught up with one other.20170704_152024


Was to leave directly from there to the trail today, but I am running low on food for my mail drops and decided to rather leave tomorrow morning to organize at bit.  Hopefully I’ll manage getting everything I need completed before the sun goes down…super tired. 20170704_175200

Side Notes:
– Michael seems to be working an internship this summer.
– Jack picked up the keyboard. Heard him playing “Lost Woods,” which is a very popular song from Zelda.  Seems like Jack picked this skill out of the blue.  Similar to Michael though when he picked up the guitar.  Ah…Jack’s “What the F***?” face is always so…Ah ^-^20170704_182118

– Using my laptop was like using a computer again for the first time.  A first time again to appreciate.  It was an absolutely strange feeling almost like an out of body experience as my body moved before thought, like instinct.  Clearly, my muscle memory never faded. Strangely took a long time to turn on, but that could also be normal. This was the longest I probably left my computer off in its entire life time.  Wanted to make sure my photos from my phone thus far had a backup just in case.
– Dad may meet up with me later down the trail to hike with me again.
– Audio Boooks Purchased for second half of trail:

  • Thank You For Being Late – Thomas Friedman
  • Algorithms To Live By – Brain Christian & Thomas Griffiths
  • The Art of Seduction – Robert Greene
  • 48 Laws of Power – Robert Greene

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