Day 81(Mile 1046.2 – 1069.3):

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Avioded some rain this morning luckily waking up an hour late.

Saw another bear suprisingly in Maryland by Black Rock. I didn’t realize we had bears.  This one I smelled first, heard, and then saw. The smell was a wet dog smell but more vulgar. Looked like it was an adolescent bear by the size.

What am I looking at?20170705_120525

I was thinking this contraption is a bear trap, but the placement next to the trail seemed odd.

Based on my thoughts today while hiking, I still need to work on respecting my emotions.   If get hurt, I still make up the story in my head (make the excuse). In this case that I don’t care and tell myself literally anyone else, even more attractive would want to commit.  While not necessarily false, I continue to be dishonest with myself and fear the vulnerability, that could in turn make me emotional stronger taking responsibility for my failures.  While I obviously can’t always control what happens to me, I can at least take responsibility and control how I emotionally respond/react/process to it, learn from it and move on. With this said, I need to work on training myself to stop making excuses and be honest with myself on an emotional level.  Very fortunate to at least be self aware of these thoughts.

I definitely think more clearly when hiking.  I am starting to think hiking may be my medicine.

Picked up maildrop in time…had to do like 4 miles off trail total.20170705_155759

Even though I certainly did not need the food, I stopped for a bite at this pizza place close to the post office on the way back to the trail. I guess you could say it was a way to self motivate myself or rather reward myself.

In Pennsylvania now!20170705_175619

Just filled up on some mountain spring water for the first time in a while. It’s so good!  All of MD I had been filling up at water sources like this:20170706_121338

Recommend book “Why” – Simon Sienek by a previous software developer and just a very knowledgeable person in general.  Took me off guard a bit when he bought the book I  recommended to him online while we were still sitting there.

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