Day 82 (Mile 1069.3 – 1085.1):

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I usually am lucky enough to get a space in the shelters, but last night that was not the case and I have been waiting for the rain to die down for a while now. By a while, it is almost 11am.  I wanted to aviod packing up in the rain, but it looks like I do not have much of a choice if I want to get some miles in today.


The rain and the rocks slowed me down a bit. 20170706_160342

My sticks seem to have changed color on me. The base color is normally black, but now it has this lighter color (see photo below). The only environment variable I can think of is the rain, but it has rained before, unless this just happens to be the first time I noticed the change.


I know I am not the biggest fan of dating, but it can be fun, especially if I limit myself to only physical encounters.  I usually have more luck anyway when not using dating apps…less bullshit.  I guess I will have to keep my wardrobe of clothes since initial impressions matter in society. I was really hoping to get rid those and just wear two sets of clothes the rest of my life. Not literally, but certainly wanted to cut back, to be more minimalistic.

Passed by these shelters labled, “Snoring” and “Non-Snoring”

The guy in the Non-Snoring shelter is Darren. We talked for a bit before continuing on.

Shelter I am staying at is super cool!  Who ever maintains Quarry Gap Shelters certainly is creative.20170706_174308

First time I was hungry enough to eat two freze dried meals. The weird thing is that today was not at all a long day for me.

Side Notes:
– Hiking the Appalachian Trail is really good training for becoming a minimalist. There is so much I could live with out and the most basic of things become comforts.
– Started the book, “Seduction” by Robert Greene.  Have no opinion yet.
– Hungry in middle of the night dispite eating two of my dehydrated meals. I hope I am not sick.

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