Day 83 (Mile 1085.1 – 1109.6):

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Found out that my Dad’s headlamp is not waterproof. So if you’re reading this, yes Dad I broke your headlamp. Do not send another headlamp for me to break though. I will buy one on Amazon when I next get service.

Not excited to find out why my phone’s battery percentage is in the twenty percentile after charging it all night.

If I haven’t said this before on the blog, Clif Bar’s Blueberry crisp is the best Clif Bar hands down. Actually tastes like a blueberry muffin in my opinion.20170707_101842

Ah my sticks went back to their orginal color! 20170707_102405

Listened more the book, “Seduction”…mainly learned about the history of seduction thus far. I need to be very focused while listening to Robert Greene’s style of writing, so I have thus far only have been able to expose myself a little at a time. In other words this book may take some time to listen through.

Trail fortunately very flat today. 20170707_121259

Probably could have done some more miles but ran into these two cool people, “Plant” (guy with long hair) and “The Kid” from Austin, TX. Pretty much talked the entirety of the day.20170707_141744

Trail Magic! 20170707_134007

Half way point of the Appalachian Trail!20170707_221319

Camp store by Pine Grove State Park was pretty awesome. This may be the place where they hold the half a gallon and gallon icecream challenge for AT thru-hikers. I just got three scoops and continued on. 20170707_165110

Welp, as I had feared earlier, it seems I have broke my portable battery and charger as well along with my headlamp. Nice guy named, “Terradactle” at camp let me charge so I could at least make it into town tomorrow.  I need to be more careful with my electronics in wet conditions. I have a dry bag for my tech. The way I managed to break it, is just silly.  I may be getting too relaxed out here.

Lingering thoughts:

-Software development and web development classes (in state will be cheaper).  Community College? Look up tech schools in area.
– Look at other areas of study in IT.  Cyber security worth it?
– Look up possible gym jobs in MD area mainly for that possibility of a free membership.
– Look up cheap rent options in MD…dont commit until certain about living in MD.
-Look up how to live out of car (After living out of a backpack for so long, living out of a car would be a luxury):
– Find place to park car legally (Huge!)
– Find gym to shower/groom, preferably a work place.
– Manage to put everything owned into two of those blue containers so downsize while living at parent’s place for no more than a month (this includes clothes)…must be organized.
– Find place to work/personal study – Library/Coffee house
– Find place to get access to water – library? Not a good idea to drink stream water in this area health wise. Use same system for storing while backpacking.
– Find a cheap means of eating. Will have to hold off desire to increase cooking skills. At least limitations will force me to be creative.
– Find place to eat. Pretty same place to park car ideally.
– No need for pillows and blankets. Use set up from backpacking on the Appalachian trail. Same for cooking.
– Seats don’t fold completely flat in car, so sleeping may be interesting. Ha
– Charge devices in car and go places with free internet.
– Food wise, I need to remember I am not limited to weight so a can opener may be necessary utility.
– Limited to food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated.  Possibly refrigerate at workplace (cannot be large items). Even though there are tons of options, eating what I want, and eating healthy will be hard for me. Yes, could eat trail food, but the trail food I have been eating has been quite the luxery, in other words expensive.
– While tempting, do not go out to eat unless special like a date, unless somehow the food is cheaper than grocery.
– Keep car clean to point it is not obvious that I am living out of car…meaning put away sleeping bag and pad just like I have been on the trail.
– No need to be hualing around cooking supplies, but do not make action to get rid of it. Possibly keep this at parents until I find a place to stay.
– Get a PO box!
– Keep nice clothes such as suits at parents until working a job that requires such apparel.
– If parents not okay with storing for example my cookware, look into storage lockers.
– Laundry mat for clothes. Could do this at parents but wouldn’t make sense if I choose not to live there.
– With only a 20 degree sleeping bag, winter may be hard for me so I may want to look for a place to rent before then, although even a really nice sleeping bag would cost less than a month of rent in Maryland.


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