Day 89 (1189.5 – 1218.1):

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Today was a little more barable to hike, for the humidity was not too crazy as yesterday had been.  I even hiked further than planned although not because I particularly wanted to.


I did so because I knew if I had stopped, I would be in risk of hypothermia.  Also, setting up camp in the rain is not particularly fun. It had been down pouring for at least a good four hours.  Walking down the trail had even turned into river walking.


Was pretty soaked20170713_171926

Anyways, I had made it into the small town of Port Clinton.  That decline into town. Who ever is maintaining that section of the trail should definitely consider more switch backs.  When it comes to sections like these, I feel the trail is more suited for north bounders. The trail seems significantly harder if I were to hike in the opposite direction, south bound.  Best of luck to the south bounders!20170713_183223

I didn’t know that there had been a place to stay in town so I attempted to get a ride to a neighboring town, Hamburg, only to find out that the one motel in that town was booked. I was quite suprised and never figured out why it had been booked. Even the locals voiced for it to be booked even on a weekday is a mystery.


Read in AWOLs guide that Cabela’s, a huge hunting/fishing chain store gave rides to town for free (well…to their store in town), so instead of an Uber, I got a ride with them. I even checked out their store.  I was actually in need of pliers, but really light small ones. The reason was that I sometimes would lock my air mattress too tight, having to pull out the entire lock just to deflate the air mattress.  First time I did this, luckily, someone had a pocket knife with pliers handy.  Anyways, their lightest pliers were too heavy or at least to my standards so instead of pliers, the staff at the store directed me to a fishing tool (I don’t know the name of) that also had scissors on them, I assume for the purposes of cutting fishing line.  I have not yet gotten rid of the scissors I started out with, but I certainly could if I wanted to save some weight. 20170724_085303

I wasn’t too worried at the time about the place to stay for the night so with food on my mind, I started heading to Crackle Barrel across the street! =)

As a bit more time passed, I got a little more worried so I called my Mom for some help on finding a place to stay the night and she pointed out that there is a small hotel aimed for specifically thru-hikers in Port Clinton, but the lastest one could check in was 9pm and it was 8:30ish, so I quickly ate the rest of my meal, got an Uber, and just made checkin time.

Shower there was so good!

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