I woke up very sore and could not convince myself to leave town so I decided to take a rest day. Also, the post office in town did not open until 12:30pm. This was a little weird especially for a week day. Good thing I stayed because it had rained even more later with similar intensity too as yesterday evening.

After getting breakfast at 3C’s, which by the way if you’re ever passing through Port Clinton, it is one of the best breakfast places I may have ever been too. Cheap too!  3C’s reminded me a little of Wagon Wheel, for those of you who grew up in the Hereford area. Yeah…so after breakfast I walked to the Pavillion in town which was suprisingly the large space. It had looked like an old space for church related activities in town based on the style of the benches. It looked as if the majority of hikers coming through town had stayed here. There was also some trail magic from the local church such as TP and snacks!20170714_103428

There were some clothes lines here as well so I decided hang my still sorta wet day clothes. 20170714_143056

Not going to get too much into the who, what, and why, but I would like to note for myself that a person who I did not think I would ever speak to again contacted me to reconnect. At first I did not know how to feel about it, but I am glad we reconnected and caught up.

Yup there was a bar in town ^-^  Had some really tasty peach “moonshine” here.20170714_171809


There was quite a bubble of people in town that stayed also at the Pavillion.20170714_192315

Side Note:
– That headlamp I just bought in Boiling Springs, PA broke.  How? Believe it or not,  water damage.  I did not use it once. I really should complain to the manufacturer and get my money back, but at the same time I do not want to waste my time with the hassle. I just need something that works.

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