Left town

Better than gravel but the people that are in charge of naming these signs really need to think of a better name for this particular sign to I assume, identify the type of terrain. Not even sure the point of the sign…would I need to be more careful driving on this type terrain?20170715_092502

High traffic on the trail due to day hikers. If your from PA, this would not be a bad climb. Plus, the views especially at Pulpit Rock are decent. Best I have seen thus far in PA. 20170715_124256

It’s always entertaining to see the reactions of day hikers when you say your thru-hiking. First they don’t understand and then it clicks. Ah =)


Really starting to feel those PA blues, otherwise it rocks!  I am unable to push through PA as fast as I wanted to. Not being able to take full steps and change of pace is aggravating.  PA may be the only state where the terrain can go from a walk in the park to strenuous in just a few feet.

Another day of not making it to my goal destination…20170715_200744

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