Day 92 (Mile 1236.2 – 1244.1):


Cute “selfie” from someone special (rare occurrence), but even still I could not motivate myself at all to get going this morning, packing up camp late as 12:30pm.  Couldn’t even motivate myself to work on my blog either. I mainly had been been super disappointed I had not been able to keep up the pace I wanted to keep up. I would like to blame everything on the rocks, but it’s so much more than just the change of pace. I have this constant mental fog. I haven’t been able to listen to my thoughts, audio books, and even my music. All I can think about is getting through PA as fast as possible. Luckily, I had been more than half way at this point.  For my sanity, I took the day off at the Blue Mountain Summit Bed & Breakfast…which also apparently was a bar. I did not have more than two beers, but it is seemingly starting to become a thing as I make my way through PA.  Owner is quite the character for those of you who stopped by this place to eat.  He was the type of guy who certainly did not have a filter but he meant well, at least in my opinion.

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