The owner apparently makes the breakfast and it was probably the best omlet I have ever had. I wish I wrote down how he said he made it when I asked. We talked quite a bit this morning. He seemed very interested in my story, like why I was on the trail and what I planned on doing afterward. People always seem well more interested in hearing what I have to say when I say I used to do software engineering. Little wish that wasn’t the case people were eager to listen despite their background. Well I guess I am guilty of it too. It really does depend on where one’s interests lie. For example, if you had owned or own a motorcycle, I am full of questions. Maybe what I am getting at is how the type of job shouldn’t vary the respect one shows for example, how a doctor and a maintenance worker are treated differently from a societies lense/perspective.

20170717_123004The terrain was pretty rough.

It got to the point where the sticks became a burden.  Had a pretty scary fall.  All it takes is one fall. 20170717_133246


I did plan to go further but the entire day today people were saying to aviod the climb after Lehigh Gap if raining at all costs and since it was raining, I took their advice and cut my day short at the shelter right before.  Also, it was mentioned on Guthook that the next reliable water source would be the next shelter, fifteen miles away.


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