Day 94 (Mile 1256.8 – 1279.1):

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Today, I set out for the trail, knowing full well the hardest part of my day will be climb after Lehigh Gap and it certainly kept up to its hype on the trail. There were some sections, although not for a long stretch that involved some bouldering (rock climbing). It was a little scary with the 20+ backpack on my back pulling me backward.  This would certainly be a fun day hike, but it is true, best to avoid if raining.



After summiting, reaching the top you will find yourself walking on the easiest terrain you could imagine, nothing like the climb up. I was coasting. So much so, it felt good to get back into an audio book, although a different one. Something I was more in the mood for. I started listening to “The Power of Self-Discipline” by Brain Tracy. Screenshot_20170718-125045


Finally, making it to the shelter and retrieving water that was definitely more than a. 4 mile walk down the trail, I had it in me to hike further, plus I wanted an easier day hiking in to town the next day.  Also, I was very eager to be finished with PA.

Side Note:
– Ordered the Black Diamond Spot from Amazon to be shipped to Unionville, NY. Large number of people I had been hiking with for the past couple of days highly recommended going with Black Diamond.


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