Day 95 (Mile 1279.1 – 1293.6):

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I was in high spirits finally making it into Deleware Water Gap (Very cute town btw). It was like the Katahdin of Pennsylvania.  To treat myself I ordered a coffee alcoholic drink at this Grille in town that I thought I would like.


Found out quickly, it wasn’t my thing. I did not want to waste it so I quickly drank it and ordered a Blue Moon to get the taste out of my mouth.  Not to long later, I started to realize just how much alcohol was in that coffee.  The feeling came at me all at once and I certainly was past the point of buzzed…I forgot how many selfies I honestly took and spammed to friends before leaving. No regrets…probably was entertaining for them…who knows lol. ^-^

Food here was on point. I highly recommend the Salmon Cobb Salad with the balsamic honey dressing if ever in town at the Sycamore Grille. I had this salad a total of three times before leaving Deleware Water Gap.orca-image-1500565344073.jpg_1500565344294

The motel I stayed at was quite nice. The reviews were terrible, but I did not have too many options. Plus, for the price it was actually pretty decent.  Shower was amazing! The water pressure was intense, but very much needed! They were working on renovations at the time so if one to through hike, say next year, one should expect an increase in price. Hard to trust reviews now that my standards are so low.  Now when I browse through reviews, if there is a good review, I register the place in my brain as something that must be above my current standards. As long as your expections are low, you’ll live quite the happy life saving and staying in less desirable places.  Unless your destination is the hotel or motel, what is the point of having high standards?  I do understand though if you are paying a high price and the place doesn’t match the value you think a night at the place should cost.  In such situations before paying, if I think the value of the room is less, I haggle or find someone to split the room with me. Obviously, use your best judgment. I at this point, I would trust pretty much any hiker to split a room with.  The culture is much different out here on the trail.  Thru-hikers usually will look out for each other.  It is almost like one big bandwagon of a family. There is a good sense of community out here.  Unfortunately, when I am done with the trail, I do not think we as a society would even think of asking another stranger if they would like to room with you to save some money. It is just unheard of.  I do not think we as a community at least in my life time will ever get to this point of trust in society, but it would be very nice to see especially when it comes to our relationships with other countries.  We sincerely could accomplish a great deal as human beings working together.

There was quite the bubble of people in town. The thru-hikers packed that restaurant full come dinner time!IMG_5545

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