Day 96 (Mile 1293.6 – 1304.4):

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Definitely should have made an effort of pushing strong today out of Deleware Gap, but due to being undecided on whether or not I should take a zero here, I checked out at 11am, ate another meal at the Sycamore Grille (3 course meal this time with that same salad I ate twice yesterday), and took my time making my way across the Delaware River only too find two instances of trail magic on the other side. Stuffed as I already was, I decided to accept the food offered from the trail magic.  Something about being in public stuffed is not a very enjoyable feeling. It honestly felt as if I was naked.  I apologize if it this is hard to follow. I am having a hard time explaining the feeling, but that is at least was it felt like for me.  Oh yeah, I was contemplating the zero today because I would need to pick up my next maildrop on a day the next post office was to be open. Basically, I needed to decide if I would prefer taking a zero in Unionville, NY or stay another night in Deleware Water Gap.  Since, Unionville, NY had free tenting in town, I decided to head out today. I could of really pushed myself with two twenty-five mile days, and get the the post office Saturday morning, but with my latest track record on miles, I did not attempt that plan.


While New Jersey was very beautiful, it was not as beautiful as it is in the Fall.  For comparison, this is a photo (quality not that great) taken in the Fall:FB_IMG_1501624180049

I actually think I have a photo taken in the same exact place actually for an actual comparison:


I did intend on going further, but as soon as I arrived at Mohican Outdoor Center to pick up a quick snack, it started to pretty much started to torrential downpour. Luckily for me, I did not get wet and had a place to wait off the storm.

While waiting, I had a very…I would like to say intellectual conversation about retirement, education, money, women, and books (recommended books to each other) with a guy trail named Uncle Buck. The conversation was very rewarding. Retrieved some very good resources and contacts from him. If it at all matters this guy is a retired criminal law lawyer in his late 40s, with quite a similar outlook on life as I do.  The book that was recommended me to read was, “The Vanishing American Adult” by Ben Sasse.

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