20170721_095156Big breakfast at Mohican Outdoor Center…yes I ended up staying the night.  20170721_115845


I was not particularly interested in hiking today. I had no plan or destination and took quite a few breaks.  I started to think of why I could have possibly been feeling tired or rather more tired than usual.  Then it hit me…I had been reaching the 700 mile mark on my shoes so it is likely my soles were gone, giving me the feeling of the discomfort I had been experiencing lately. Anyway, I bought new shoes as soon as I reached a point on the trail where I had service. Unfortunately for my wallet, the value of the shoes I previously bought for $60 were now priced at $140.  I did not want to take a risk and buy the newer model so I just sucked it up and paid the price listed online for that model. Hopefully, this pair of shoes lasts the rest of the way, otherwise I am am going to have a problem, for they were not only priced significantly higher, but as well, low on stock.  I should have bought multiple pairs earlier. I do not know what I was thinking. It seems too obvious to overlook.


After the longish break, I decided I’d make it to Gypsy’s Tavern and plan from there.  Quite a large number of people here. New peeps and old. Two chairs, the guy I met in Harper’s Ferry while still hanging out with Karen…that refuses to disclose the meaning behind his name was.  I assumed he was a big guy starting out on the trail but from his Facebook photos, that is seemingly not the case. Anyways, I met Nomad, Fuck It, Bluebird, and Rocket here…well actually officially the next morning where we all camped. We all stayed at the Tavern until right before the sun set and hiked up to camp at the fire tower. All of us safely made it up there before complete darkness suprisingly.  I am starting to think I trip more when sober. =P  Great night and very happy the way the rest of the day turned out.



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