Today I made it a goal to get to Unionville, NY.  Mainly, to keep up with the people I was with. Certainly, has been some time where I have done anything like that. I am usually hiking on the bases on my own goals or feelings.  It was a nice change of pace, but certainly not something I would continuely do.

Sunrise Mountain had quite the view.  I was surprised how far we could see.20170722_102316

Made it to High Point Park in New Jersey, the highest elevation in the state. Maybe it was just in my head, but I received the over all vibe that the elevelation of 1803 feet was being a little over prided…like they have a park named after its high point. It was a bit humoring to me. =P  The monument at the top of New Jersey’s high point by the way looked like a miniature version  of the Washington monument.20170722_160718

Made it to my destination, met some more cool peeps including Slingshot, got to know some of them even better at the bar down the street, and went to bed.  😴

Side Note:
– While looking for a place to defecate, I failed to notice the dead tree with the yellow jacket nest. I was stung multiple times.

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