I’ve been here quite a few times since I’ve found out about this place so there will be a mix of photos from the various times I’ve been here.

The interesting thing about this unique beautiful area is that this place used to be a mine, home to almost all of the world’s known chrome from 1828 to 1850…you’ll see a couple of old mines on the other trails in the area, however this trail you won’t.

“The trail reminds me of granola” – Hope

The reason you should go here

Cross this stream and to the left you’ll see this rusted out misplaced car.

Couple of friends have said it almost looks I have shopped her here.

NameSoldier’s Delight
LocationOwings Mills, MD
Parking/Trailhead39.414485, -76.835796
Trail NameSerpentine Trail
Hike Length (Total)2.4 miles (Loop Hike)

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