Last week was a hell of a week. I have been very disoriented lately with the news and projects at work so I’m starting to reconsider the number of times I post per week. I do like blogging, but not like this. This being, committing to my two posts a week goal. I before allocated time to work, but now with the zero places outside my home to work get into the headspace I want to be in for the content I want to release, I’m allowing myself to slack which essentially boils down to laziness since I’m essentially blaming my current circumstances. Anyway, this blog as a result of my laziness and writing this literally hours before its post, is going to be short.

So short, here are the deets below:

NameHawksbill Mountain
LocationMorganton, NC
Trailhead/Parking35.914571, -81.878239
Trail NameHawksbill Mountain Trail
Hike Length1.8 miles (Out & Back)


Katie and I went here on a trip in mid-September 2019 that I selfishly planned with only a two week notice of my arrival. Before you assume, we had been talking about doing a trip, but I made the mistake of assuming that anytime was okay so I booked the trip and naturally we had friction. I do apologize. It was wrong and selfish of me to make plans without first conversing about the trip prior.

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