Day 110 (Mile 1484.3 – 1506.4)


The goal for day was to make it into Massachusetts and I certainly accomplished that goal!  Was expecting a sign though.  Maybe I’ll see one later down the trail tomorrow.

Finished Thomas Friedman’s book, “Thank You For Being Late.”  I appreciate the recommendation, David Madison.  We can talk more about the book in person. There is something I believe he left out that will be very important in the years to come.

Started that book Uncle Buck recommended me, “The Vanishing American Adult” by Ben Sasse. So far it has been really good.  I see why Uncle Buck recommended me this book. I agree with 100% of it thus far.Screenshot_20170803-164037



Had a very nice conversation with a southbounder in his early 60s on top of Bear Mountain. His name I believe was Rusty.20170803_183729



Day 109 (Mile 1476.8 – 1484.3)


I certainly did not go far today, but I would like to think the reason is a valid one. As soon as I made it to my lunch destination, it started to downpour. I fortunately did not get wet, but I also didn’t hike the reminder of the day, even when it had died down around 6:30pm.  Even though I didn’t get wet, I did get biten quite a lot staying the night in that shelter. I do not think I slept longer than an hour. The constant buzzing in the ears drove me crazy. Worst of all, I was hot that night and the seemingly only way to aviod the mosquitoes was to be constantly covered.  I thought there would be less and less mosquitoes going north, but it is turning out that might be the opposite case.  I have a feeling it is because of all the natural ponds and lakes up here.  Anyway, I will not be staying in a shelter even if it is raining, for a while. Tenting all the way!

Oh just in case I have not mentioned it yet on the blog, when there are a pile of sticks in the way of a path, it means that path is not part of the trail.  I have personally found it to be much more effective than a turning white blaze, since the majority of the time hikers look at their feet.



Day 108 (Zero):


As you can probably tell from the mini fridge above, I zeroed in Cornell Bridge.  I caught up on my blog a bit. As one could tell though, I did not end up finishing the edits. I zeroed for multiple reasons but the main reason is because my package forwarded from the Bear Mountain post office had yet to arrive. Luckily, it arrived the next morning. There was no way I was going zero another day after today.

There was a southbounder staying in the room next to mine, well two more over and he and I talked for quite a long time actually. He knew the world better than anyone I have ever met. Here is his website if one were interested in what he has been doing with his life for the past few years: Tlwh.Org  He mentioned that he has been walking for almost 10,000 miles by the way.

Day 107 (Mile 1467.7 – 1476.8)


So far the majorty of Connecticut has been flat along rivers mostly. Yes, there were some hard sections, but nothing for more than a mile stretch.

Ran into a section hiker. For the life of me cannot remember his trail name but he was sitting on the road before the road into Cornwall Bridge, CT doing a section hike alone at the age of 16. He was surprisingly mature for his age so we talked pretty much for the next 5-6 hours.  Gave him some advice. Suprisingly, he asked if I would like to split a room with him in town. He seemed like a decent fellow so we did and talked some more.

Talked some more to my close friend. I honestly don’t remember what we talked about for the hour we talked, but I do remember feeling very warm after the call.  I just mainly enjoy hearing her voice. =)

Day 106 (Mile 1445.8 – 1467.7)

20170730_094033Apparently this is the biggest tree on the Appalachian Trail. I personally think they need to remeasure b/c I remember the oak in southern Virginia being much larger.


Neglected to see the sign before drinking straight from the water source. Fortunately, as I write this blog entry days later, I did not get sick.20170730_12005020170730_120229

Made it to the New England part of the trail! 20170730_12442020170730_13365120170730_152235

My goal for the day was to find a place to talk to a close friend and watch Game of Thrones, although unfortunately, getting a place in Connecticut would have been very expensive. In Kent, CT the cheapest place a night was $165 and that’s not including the 15% hotel tax (a tax I didn’t know existed until this state).  When I got to Kent, I simply stuck around until dark and stealthed camped off not too far from the road, off the trail.  I got to talk to my close friend. As for Game of Thrones, I lucked out having service in the area.


Mom: The Coffee Jelly you gave me was on point. Made my next two breakfasts more enjoyable than usual. Thank you for the jelly!

Day 105 (Mile 1429 – 1445.8):


Finshed my hike with my Dad, ate lunch with parents, and split to hike the rest of my day.

I neglected to take notes for this day so I don’t know what I was thinking.  Nothing comes to mind for this day at least after my Parents and I split so maybe I was zoned out for the remainder of the day. At least I took some beautiful photos.


There is a bird out here that sounds like the Twitter notification. I wonder what the name of that bird is. 🤔

Quite the interesting side trail marker…😁20170729_142228

Day 104 (Mile 1409.6 – 1429):


Today, I hiked with my Dad and to my suprise was able to push a 20 mile day with me today.


I don’t remember too much what we talked about, but I do remember voicing what I intend to do after the trail.



Caretaker of the RPH shelter there gave us some leftover food!

Met first southbounder at the shelter we had stopped at for the night. She was an Austrian girl named foot print who apparently also travels the world.  I was very interested in talking to her more regarding her travels, but my Dad and I were planning an early start tomorrow so got her info to eventually talk later.

Day 103 (Mile 1393.6 – 1409.6)


I regret waking up as late as I did because the next post office (Bear Mountain post office) I was to go to today only had the hours from 9-11am.  So instead of properly looking up the times like I could of to make those times, I decided to assume, which resulted in the burden my Mom dealt with the following day to forward the package upward.  I do apologize for the inconvenience Mom.


Despite my lack of responsibility for the maildrop situation, today happened to be a very eventful day. Climbing Bear Mountain was quite the experience. The trail was probably the most maintained section of the trail thus far.  There were literal steps for almost every incline and decline on the entire mountain.  You know when you’re near a city when the people you wave to on the trail, look at you like you’re crazy.  There were tons of people on the trail!  I did not realize New York city was so close to this section of the trail. It was less than 30 miles away.  A hiker friendly couple on the trail mentioned one could see the city lights from the mountain in the evening.


Another thing that took me by surprise was that the fact that the trail went right through the zoo there and if you arrived after closing time, you’d have to go around using a blue blazed trail. Determined to continue my perfect record of using only white blazed trails, I hustled to make sure I got there before its closing time, which I found out had been 4:30pm.


Veiw from Bear Mountain Bridge, crossing the Hudson River:20170727_145200

Met up with some fellow hikers at the Appalachian Market Deli and some really tasty pizza, which caught me off guard because this place was a gas station market.  Can’t remember the guy’s name for the life of me (his trail name is a lord of the rings character), but while he was talking on the phone he picked two four leaf clovers.  I odds of finding one are high. Two is just insane!  We urged him to go buy a lottery ticket right then and there.20170727_185135

Anyway, I was very much tired so I called my parents to see if I could arrange a way I could stay with them for the night.  A shower would be nice. Orginally, I was going to meet with them the next morning at a location I did not think I was going to make. They were still driving over at the time and my Dad suggested taking an Uber (took me off guard that my Dad knew what Uber was) there if I wanted to and check in so that’s what I did.

There was a chipotle was across the street!20170727_205018

Literally minutes after inhaling the burrito, had a nice long chat with a close friend. =)

Side note:
– People seem really smug in New York. It was very off putting.  I guess you could say I had a mini culture shock. =P


Day 102 (Mile 1375.9 – 1393.6)


This section of New York has been very sporatic. There are some really flat easy going sections, but some where you’ll be looking for the next trail blaze and realize there is a blaze 30 feet or so directly straight up from where you’re standing.  Also, I have noticed that this section was not very well marked.


Ran into a hiker I have not seen before. Mistook her for a thru-hiker, but she had just been doing a section. Apparently she was from New York city, just graduated from nursing school, and decided to go on an overnight by her self for the first time.  Talked for a while. I didn’t mind too much the change of pace.  Never got her info. but not really necessary. I’m just glad I got to meet another interesting person on the trail. To move from one inspiring place to the next simply.

Went through the lemon squeeze today!  Yes there is a side trail but gotta stay true to the trail, plus it was quite fun. Here is Fuckit making his way through:20170726_145103

Very fortunate our backpacks were not so bulky.  Right after the lemon squeeze, there was some rock climbing I did not hear anything about. Much harder in my opinion than the section after Lehigh Gap. It literally took me a good 10 minutes to figure it out. Fuckit wanted to tell me how he did it, but I let him go ahead because I wanted to figure it out myself. Fuckit and I have similar paces.


We ran into some other hikers and found out there was a park that had showers and snacks not too far off the trail so we made way for that. It was a good move for myself since I had not taken a shower since Deleware Water Gap, PA.

There was a icecream vending machine there with a credit card slider and I had four total things of icecream.  If there wasn’t a credit card slider, I can guarantee you that I would not have had many as I did. The icecream though was moderately priced at $1.50.20170726_164743

There are tons of blueberry bushes here on the ridges in New York. I am suprised I haven’t seen a bear here yet. All the bush on the ground in this photo are blueberry bushes:20170726_185736

I very much like how open the woods is in New York. Not too sure if one can notice the difference in my photos.

Side Note:
– Pulled off my first tick from the inner thigh area on my left leg. It was quite small!

Day 101 (Mile 1358.5 – 1375.9)


Okay… I am feeling much better. The metal fog I previously had been having has very much disapated and my thirst for personal growth/knowledge has returned.  That said I am really enjoying chapter eight (nine, if you’re listening to the audio book) of Thank You For Being Late.



Do not take the end of New Jersey’s and beginning of New York’s terrain for granted. Possible in wet conditions, but highly advise one not to unless you enjoy butt sliding.20170725_124058

Came across two rattle snakes on the trail today. Thankfully, someone left a note!20170725_13521320170725_135225

Creamery not too far off the trail on New York State Route 17A. This was certainly some of the best icecream I may have ever had.  Check it out if you are ever passing through! Screenshot_20170725-151150

Did not make it to end goal for the day, not because I couldn’t, but because of the beautiful camping spots near a beaufitiful waterfall.


My bug bites seem to be getting pretty bad. They only itch at night fortunately.

Had a very much needed chat with a friend. Feeling very good about it…yup the waterfall I camped at also had very good service, but that was not the original reason I stayed. ^-^ The white noise of the waterfall at night was very comforting.  Also, Bluebird and Rocket were camping there and I wanted to get to know them better.  They are in the group photo that Two Chairs put together at Gypsy’s Tavern. Bluebird was seventeen starting the trail and now is 18. I could sense the immaturity but I wasn’t thinking that young.  Other than her just graduating highschool, I did not dig further likely though because I couldn’t relate as much. Interesting fact about her, her orginal name on the trail believe it or not was “trailbait” (A spin off from jailbait). I am personally shocked people on the trail would even think to call her that period for the time that they did.  Anyways, Rocket I honestly vibed was a man’s man. You will feel it in the aura around him.  He is very much well grounded. Both feet on the ground. I do not know too much about education, but he owned a government contracting company and sold it before coming out on the trail.  I am not too sure how much he had but I did get the sense, that he could or has already retired early. Rocket and Bluebird have been hiking together since a little after southern Virginia. I am sure nothing is going on, but they very much enjoy each other’s company. I vibed that Rocket had been taking a role of an older brother to essentially look out for her. There are very few “creeps” out here on the trail, but then again there was that group of people who came up with the name, “trailbait.”  But yeah, two very interesting people.

Common knowledge at this point for me, but just in case one was not familiar with all the trail jargon out there, here are some terms that every thru-hiker would know about at this point:

– Nero = A short milage day.  The number of miles considered a nero is based on the individual. Usually a nero is a day consisting of less than 10 miles.
– Zero = A break, a day off from the trail.
– Negative Zero = Hiking miles in opposite direction, going backwards, not making any forward progress.
– Blue Blazing = Has multiple meanings. These are side trails people usually take to go around a section (skip). Also, can be side trails that will not reconnect back to the AT such as a side trail in which goes to a water fall.  Quite simply, doing miles on a trail that is not the AT.
– Yellow Blazing = Skipping sections of trail normally in the case of keeping up with a group of people. Common among those people who have visas and would like to hike the “cooler” sections before they need to go back home.  Those who have yellow blazed once they complete the trail will come back to hike those sections skipped for the thru-hiker title.
– Aqua Blazing = Section of the AT that you can canoe north in the Shenandoah region.
– Pink Blazing = Speeding up or slowing down to keep up with a girl one likes.
– Banana Blazing = Speeding up or slowing down to keep up with a guy one likes.
– Green Blazing = Speeding up or slowing down to stay around those who have the weed on the trail.
– Purist = Those who do not skip sections. Those who will enter and leave the same route into town to aviod missing sections of the trail even if those sections are just a few feet. I personally have been called a Purist, although I wish there wasn’t a word for it. To me I am simply hiking the trail, all of the trail.
– Section Hiker = Hiking a section of the AT. Those who normally call themselves section hikers are ones who intend to eventually complete the trail one section at a time.
– Day Hiker = Very popular to run into these humans on the weekend and/or popular sections of the trail. These people usually smell overwhelmingly very good.
– Thru-hiker = One hiking the entire trail in 365 days or less, in one go, although for the AT it is common to complete the trail in 5-6 months.
– Flip Flopper = When one for example hikes until say, Harper’s Ferry and flips up to Katahdin and starts hiking south towards Harper’s Ferry.  Harper’s Ferry is just an example. That being said, one can flip flop from any location on the trail. The motivation usually behind a flip flop northbound is when one is conserned if they can make it before the close of Baxter State Park, October 15.
– Yo-yo = To finish where one started. So if a hiker started in Georgia, they would hike to Katahdin and then back to Georgia. This certainly is a thing, but very uncommon. I have only encountered one hiker yo-yoing on my journey thus far. I believe this is also a hike done in less than one year.
– NOBO = Northbound; Hiking the trail north.
– SOBO = Southbound; Hiking the trail south.
– HOBO = Homeless or Homebound
– Homebound = The hiker that is hiking to one’s home state, whether that is either Georgia or Maine based on their direction.
– Hiker Mid-night = A quiet time. 9pm is what I am used to.
– Trail Magic = When people generally are helping out the thru-hikers providing snacks/soda, sometimes even other forms like a free ride into town.  I personally would like to in the future do trail magic to give back to the community I have received already so much from.
– Slack packing = Carrying only a day pack (Food and water you need for that day). There are companies that will drop you off (usually along with a group) at one end of the trail and pick you up at the agreed meet up point at the other end.



Day 100 (Mile 1334.1 – 1358.5)


New headlamp!

This morning had been very cool due to the early morning rain and for whatever reason I was in the zone, so I started to blog, but after the rain had cleared up, I felt the need to keep on pushing so I did. Today was a very very flat day. I was liking the change, the change of no more rocks to slow me down!20170724_173209

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To end the day, I camped a little right after “stairway to heaven,” which by the way I didn’t realize until after much later when locals were asking me if I had climed it. It’s certainly hyped up, but the climb does not keep up to its hype. The climb after Lehigh Gap should honestly have a nick name, because that is significantly harder.

Ended the night with a very inspiring conversation with Yard Sale (set her tent up next to mine right before it started raining), who happened to have very similar feeelings I did about the trail, the culture of the trail, and the future of ourselves off trail, after the trail. =)


Day 99 (Zero):


I very much needed the package (headlamp) at the post office here in Unionville so I had to force a zero day. Normally, if I landed a town on a weekend, I would bounce the post box to a further destination and keep hiking, although since I ordered a package on Amazon to be sent to this destination, I cannot alter its path, at least not for free.  Should have been working on my blog, but with the heat I couldn’t get myself to think. Yes, I know I am making an excuse. The reality of the matter is that I no longer enjoy keeping up with my blog. It is keeping me away from what I enjoy the most about the trail, the freedom and the people.  There are tons of people on the trail who also have blogs that they have been neglecting as well.  I am at the point where I am now forcing myself to blog for the wants of a future self. I know I am going to want this, know what I was thinking, seeing, and doing. I will want to know especially how I will be feeling come the last 100 miles.

Anyways while procrastinating, I caught up with some peeps and talked to that special someone that would like to keep her name anonymous, about a nightmare I had.  I know I know some would really like it know what it was about, but this little snippet of information is for me to remember that I had this nightmare, my thoughts at the time, and how I ultimately processed it. The nightmare was so bad, I  distracted myself pretty much all day to avoid thinking about it. The vividness of the nightmare still sticks with me and I am curious when I look back at this blog post what my mind will remember.

Young Gandalf (really tall guy from Florida)…I believe he is standing in the photo of what the inside of the bar looked like when we were all at Gypsy’s Tavern if you are curious what he looks like…mentioned that he is using Game of Thrones as way to motivate himself to do more miles. He will create a goal from a week away and try to get there to watch the next episode when it comes out. I personally thought it was a good idea so I may try it out as well.   That being said, I am caught up on Game of Thrones.  Before, I simply was going to just bindge watch it when I finished the trail.  Now I have something else to think about while walking.

Before nightfall I see a girl setting up a tent, a really heavy tent actually and notice she is no way a through hiker, then it clicks.  She is living out of her car and has been traveling! At this point I was full of questions! Young Gandalf also seems very interested. Anyways, we talk all the way to the bar, have a couple of drinks, and go our separate ways.

Side Note:
– The New Jersey section of the Appalachian trail rides along the border between New Jersey and New York for a good bit, so the town I am staying in is in New York, but I am still hiking in the New Jersey section of the trail.
– Song stuck in my head: Seafret – Oceans

Day 98 (Mile 1323.9 – 1344.1):

Today I made it a goal to get to Unionville, NY.  Mainly, to keep up with the people I was with. Certainly, has been some time where I have done anything like that. I am usually hiking on the bases on my own goals or feelings.  It was a nice change of pace, but certainly not something I would continuely do.

Sunrise Mountain had quite the view.  I was surprised how far we could see.20170722_102316

Made it to High Point Park in New Jersey, the highest elevation in the state. Maybe it was just in my head, but I received the over all vibe that the elevelation of 1803 feet was being a little over prided…like they have a park named after its high point. It was a bit humoring to me. =P  The monument at the top of New Jersey’s high point by the way looked like a miniature version  of the Washington monument.20170722_160718

Made it to my destination, met some more cool peeps including Slingshot, got to know some of them even better at the bar down the street, and went to bed.  😴

Side Note:
– While looking for a place to defecate, I failed to notice the dead tree with the yellow jacket nest. I was stung multiple times.

Day 97 (Mile 1304.4 – 1323.9):

20170721_095156Big breakfast at Mohican Outdoor Center…yes I ended up staying the night.  20170721_115845


I was not particularly interested in hiking today. I had no plan or destination and took quite a few breaks.  I started to think of why I could have possibly been feeling tired or rather more tired than usual.  Then it hit me…I had been reaching the 700 mile mark on my shoes so it is likely my soles were gone, giving me the feeling of the discomfort I had been experiencing lately. Anyway, I bought new shoes as soon as I reached a point on the trail where I had service. Unfortunately for my wallet, the value of the shoes I previously bought for $60 were now priced at $140.  I did not want to take a risk and buy the newer model so I just sucked it up and paid the price listed online for that model. Hopefully, this pair of shoes lasts the rest of the way, otherwise I am am going to have a problem, for they were not only priced significantly higher, but as well, low on stock.  I should have bought multiple pairs earlier. I do not know what I was thinking. It seems too obvious to overlook.


After the longish break, I decided I’d make it to Gypsy’s Tavern and plan from there.  Quite a large number of people here. New peeps and old. Two chairs, the guy I met in Harper’s Ferry while still hanging out with Karen…that refuses to disclose the meaning behind his name was.  I assumed he was a big guy starting out on the trail but from his Facebook photos, that is seemingly not the case. Anyways, I met Nomad, Fuck It, Bluebird, and Rocket here…well actually officially the next morning where we all camped. We all stayed at the Tavern until right before the sun set and hiked up to camp at the fire tower. All of us safely made it up there before complete darkness suprisingly.  I am starting to think I trip more when sober. =P  Great night and very happy the way the rest of the day turned out.



Day 96 (Mile 1293.6 – 1304.4):


Definitely should have made an effort of pushing strong today out of Deleware Gap, but due to being undecided on whether or not I should take a zero here, I checked out at 11am, ate another meal at the Sycamore Grille (3 course meal this time with that same salad I ate twice yesterday), and took my time making my way across the Delaware River only too find two instances of trail magic on the other side. Stuffed as I already was, I decided to accept the food offered from the trail magic.  Something about being in public stuffed is not a very enjoyable feeling. It honestly felt as if I was naked.  I apologize if it this is hard to follow. I am having a hard time explaining the feeling, but that is at least was it felt like for me.  Oh yeah, I was contemplating the zero today because I would need to pick up my next maildrop on a day the next post office was to be open. Basically, I needed to decide if I would prefer taking a zero in Unionville, NY or stay another night in Deleware Water Gap.  Since, Unionville, NY had free tenting in town, I decided to head out today. I could of really pushed myself with two twenty-five mile days, and get the the post office Saturday morning, but with my latest track record on miles, I did not attempt that plan.


While New Jersey was very beautiful, it was not as beautiful as it is in the Fall.  For comparison, this is a photo (quality not that great) taken in the Fall:FB_IMG_1501624180049

I actually think I have a photo taken in the same exact place actually for an actual comparison:


I did intend on going further, but as soon as I arrived at Mohican Outdoor Center to pick up a quick snack, it started to pretty much started to torrential downpour. Luckily for me, I did not get wet and had a place to wait off the storm.

While waiting, I had a very…I would like to say intellectual conversation about retirement, education, money, women, and books (recommended books to each other) with a guy trail named Uncle Buck. The conversation was very rewarding. Retrieved some very good resources and contacts from him. If it at all matters this guy is a retired criminal law lawyer in his late 40s, with quite a similar outlook on life as I do.  The book that was recommended me to read was, “The Vanishing American Adult” by Ben Sasse.

Day 95 (Mile 1279.1 – 1293.6):


I was in high spirits finally making it into Deleware Water Gap (Very cute town btw). It was like the Katahdin of Pennsylvania.  To treat myself I ordered a coffee alcoholic drink at this Grille in town that I thought I would like.


Found out quickly, it wasn’t my thing. I did not want to waste it so I quickly drank it and ordered a Blue Moon to get the taste out of my mouth.  Not to long later, I started to realize just how much alcohol was in that coffee.  The feeling came at me all at once and I certainly was past the point of buzzed…I forgot how many selfies I honestly took and spammed to friends before leaving. No regrets…probably was entertaining for them…who knows lol. ^-^

Food here was on point. I highly recommend the Salmon Cobb Salad with the balsamic honey dressing if ever in town at the Sycamore Grille. I had this salad a total of three times before leaving Deleware Water Gap.orca-image-1500565344073.jpg_1500565344294

The motel I stayed at was quite nice. The reviews were terrible, but I did not have too many options. Plus, for the price it was actually pretty decent.  Shower was amazing! The water pressure was intense, but very much needed! They were working on renovations at the time so if one to through hike, say next year, one should expect an increase in price. Hard to trust reviews now that my standards are so low.  Now when I browse through reviews, if there is a good review, I register the place in my brain as something that must be above my current standards. As long as your expections are low, you’ll live quite the happy life saving and staying in less desirable places.  Unless your destination is the hotel or motel, what is the point of having high standards?  I do understand though if you are paying a high price and the place doesn’t match the value you think a night at the place should cost.  In such situations before paying, if I think the value of the room is less, I haggle or find someone to split the room with me. Obviously, use your best judgment. I at this point, I would trust pretty much any hiker to split a room with.  The culture is much different out here on the trail.  Thru-hikers usually will look out for each other.  It is almost like one big bandwagon of a family. There is a good sense of community out here.  Unfortunately, when I am done with the trail, I do not think we as a society would even think of asking another stranger if they would like to room with you to save some money. It is just unheard of.  I do not think we as a community at least in my life time will ever get to this point of trust in society, but it would be very nice to see especially when it comes to our relationships with other countries.  We sincerely could accomplish a great deal as human beings working together.

There was quite the bubble of people in town. The thru-hikers packed that restaurant full come dinner time!IMG_5545

Day 94 (Mile 1256.8 – 1279.1):


Today, I set out for the trail, knowing full well the hardest part of my day will be climb after Lehigh Gap and it certainly kept up to its hype on the trail. There were some sections, although not for a long stretch that involved some bouldering (rock climbing). It was a little scary with the 20+ backpack on my back pulling me backward.  This would certainly be a fun day hike, but it is true, best to avoid if raining.



After summiting, reaching the top you will find yourself walking on the easiest terrain you could imagine, nothing like the climb up. I was coasting. So much so, it felt good to get back into an audio book, although a different one. Something I was more in the mood for. I started listening to “The Power of Self-Discipline” by Brain Tracy. Screenshot_20170718-125045


Finally, making it to the shelter and retrieving water that was definitely more than a. 4 mile walk down the trail, I had it in me to hike further, plus I wanted an easier day hiking in to town the next day.  Also, I was very eager to be finished with PA.

Side Note:
– Ordered the Black Diamond Spot from Amazon to be shipped to Unionville, NY. Large number of people I had been hiking with for the past couple of days highly recommended going with Black Diamond.


Day 93 (Mile 1244.1 – 1256.8):


The owner apparently makes the breakfast and it was probably the best omlet I have ever had. I wish I wrote down how he said he made it when I asked. We talked quite a bit this morning. He seemed very interested in my story, like why I was on the trail and what I planned on doing afterward. People always seem well more interested in hearing what I have to say when I say I used to do software engineering. Little wish that wasn’t the case people were eager to listen despite their background. Well I guess I am guilty of it too. It really does depend on where one’s interests lie. For example, if you had owned or own a motorcycle, I am full of questions. Maybe what I am getting at is how the type of job shouldn’t vary the respect one shows for example, how a doctor and a maintenance worker are treated differently from a societies lense/perspective.

20170717_123004The terrain was pretty rough.

It got to the point where the sticks became a burden.  Had a pretty scary fall.  All it takes is one fall. 20170717_133246


I did plan to go further but the entire day today people were saying to aviod the climb after Lehigh Gap if raining at all costs and since it was raining, I took their advice and cut my day short at the shelter right before.  Also, it was mentioned on Guthook that the next reliable water source would be the next shelter, fifteen miles away.


Day 92 (Mile 1236.2 – 1244.1):


Cute “selfie” from someone special (rare occurrence), but even still I could not motivate myself at all to get going this morning, packing up camp late as 12:30pm.  Couldn’t even motivate myself to work on my blog either. I mainly had been been super disappointed I had not been able to keep up the pace I wanted to keep up. I would like to blame everything on the rocks, but it’s so much more than just the change of pace. I have this constant mental fog. I haven’t been able to listen to my thoughts, audio books, and even my music. All I can think about is getting through PA as fast as possible. Luckily, I had been more than half way at this point.  For my sanity, I took the day off at the Blue Mountain Summit Bed & Breakfast…which also apparently was a bar. I did not have more than two beers, but it is seemingly starting to become a thing as I make my way through PA.  Owner is quite the character for those of you who stopped by this place to eat.  He was the type of guy who certainly did not have a filter but he meant well, at least in my opinion.

Day 91 (Mile 1218.1 – 1236.2):


Left town

Better than gravel but the people that are in charge of naming these signs really need to think of a better name for this particular sign to I assume, identify the type of terrain. Not even sure the point of the sign…would I need to be more careful driving on this type terrain?20170715_092502

High traffic on the trail due to day hikers. If your from PA, this would not be a bad climb. Plus, the views especially at Pulpit Rock are decent. Best I have seen thus far in PA. 20170715_124256

It’s always entertaining to see the reactions of day hikers when you say your thru-hiking. First they don’t understand and then it clicks. Ah =)


Really starting to feel those PA blues, otherwise it rocks!  I am unable to push through PA as fast as I wanted to. Not being able to take full steps and change of pace is aggravating.  PA may be the only state where the terrain can go from a walk in the park to strenuous in just a few feet.

Another day of not making it to my goal destination…20170715_200744

Day 90 (zero):

I woke up very sore and could not convince myself to leave town so I decided to take a rest day. Also, the post office in town did not open until 12:30pm. This was a little weird especially for a week day. Good thing I stayed because it had rained even more later with similar intensity too as yesterday evening.

After getting breakfast at 3C’s, which by the way if you’re ever passing through Port Clinton, it is one of the best breakfast places I may have ever been too. Cheap too!  3C’s reminded me a little of Wagon Wheel, for those of you who grew up in the Hereford area. Yeah…so after breakfast I walked to the Pavillion in town which was suprisingly the large space. It had looked like an old space for church related activities in town based on the style of the benches. It looked as if the majority of hikers coming through town had stayed here. There was also some trail magic from the local church such as TP and snacks!20170714_103428

There were some clothes lines here as well so I decided hang my still sorta wet day clothes. 20170714_143056

Not going to get too much into the who, what, and why, but I would like to note for myself that a person who I did not think I would ever speak to again contacted me to reconnect. At first I did not know how to feel about it, but I am glad we reconnected and caught up.

Yup there was a bar in town ^-^  Had some really tasty peach “moonshine” here.20170714_171809


There was quite a bubble of people in town that stayed also at the Pavillion.20170714_192315

Side Note:
– That headlamp I just bought in Boiling Springs, PA broke.  How? Believe it or not,  water damage.  I did not use it once. I really should complain to the manufacturer and get my money back, but at the same time I do not want to waste my time with the hassle. I just need something that works.

Day 89 (1189.5 – 1218.1):


Today was a little more barable to hike, for the humidity was not too crazy as yesterday had been.  I even hiked further than planned although not because I particularly wanted to.


I did so because I knew if I had stopped, I would be in risk of hypothermia.  Also, setting up camp in the rain is not particularly fun. It had been down pouring for at least a good four hours.  Walking down the trail had even turned into river walking.


Was pretty soaked20170713_171926

Anyways, I had made it into the small town of Port Clinton.  That decline into town. Who ever is maintaining that section of the trail should definitely consider more switch backs.  When it comes to sections like these, I feel the trail is more suited for north bounders. The trail seems significantly harder if I were to hike in the opposite direction, south bound.  Best of luck to the south bounders!20170713_183223

I didn’t know that there had been a place to stay in town so I attempted to get a ride to a neighboring town, Hamburg, only to find out that the one motel in that town was booked. I was quite suprised and never figured out why it had been booked. Even the locals voiced for it to be booked even on a weekday is a mystery.


Read in AWOLs guide that Cabela’s, a huge hunting/fishing chain store gave rides to town for free (well…to their store in town), so instead of an Uber, I got a ride with them. I even checked out their store.  I was actually in need of pliers, but really light small ones. The reason was that I sometimes would lock my air mattress too tight, having to pull out the entire lock just to deflate the air mattress.  First time I did this, luckily, someone had a pocket knife with pliers handy.  Anyways, their lightest pliers were too heavy or at least to my standards so instead of pliers, the staff at the store directed me to a fishing tool (I don’t know the name of) that also had scissors on them, I assume for the purposes of cutting fishing line.  I have not yet gotten rid of the scissors I started out with, but I certainly could if I wanted to save some weight. 20170724_085303

I wasn’t too worried at the time about the place to stay for the night so with food on my mind, I started heading to Crackle Barrel across the street! =)

As a bit more time passed, I got a little more worried so I called my Mom for some help on finding a place to stay the night and she pointed out that there is a small hotel aimed for specifically thru-hikers in Port Clinton, but the lastest one could check in was 9pm and it was 8:30ish, so I quickly ate the rest of my meal, got an Uber, and just made checkin time.

Shower there was so good!

Day 88 (Mile 1175.9 – 1189.5):

Ah this may explain those metallic and salty water sources. Certainly, there was more than just coal here though. I wonder the accuracy of this sign. 20170712_110912

Thoughts continued on “Thank You For Being Late” by Thomas Friedman:
Okay I see where the author is now going with this. Unfortunately, that flow he mentions as the most important if one wants to advance in the world in though is presisly the noise that I wanted so desperately to get away from and clearly think.  I understand its importance, but I had been hoping this author was going to have more of a solution other than to just making time to reflect and think about your chaotic day.  Although, it may just be that simple. If this book continues to give history lessons in the further chapters, save yourself the trouble and just read the introduction (or chapter one if listening to the audio book).  Will continue my thoughts later. May even come back to this book based on my current mood which has nothing to do with the book, but my own personal state of mind. I do not mentally nor emotionally feel good.




Not in the slightest felt like hiking today. Suprised I made it far as I did. I was done with my day eleven and a half miles into it, unfortunately for me I needed water and the next water source was two miles away. I did plan to go to a really cool shelter with a shower four more miles down the trail, but I just did not have it in me.

Trail magic today was a big morale booster. Someone left a cooler with sodas in it for the thru-hikers right before the Swatara River bridge.20170712_131856


Flies were a real pain along with the intense humidity.

The shelter I did stop at was pretty cool looking…was the only one here although likely because everyone else was probably trying to get to that shelter four miles further with the solar panel shower.20170712_181854


Day 87 (Mile 1151.5 – 1175.9):


Terrain was not as bad as I had anticipated. I could have made it to the next shelter last night. Oh well.

Switched to another audio book to essentially listen to something that required little to no effort of mental energy.  “Seduction” by Robert Greene required a little more than I was willing to give.

I enjoyed the start of “Thank You For Being Late: A Optimistic’s Guide to a Thriving in the Age of Accelerations” by Thomas Friedman on the importance of making time to reflect in such a seemingly chaotic growing technologic world, but after chapter one and now even in chapter six the author has just been giving a history lesson of computation, unfortunately all common knowledge today, at least for me.  I am on the edge of my seat for the guide part of the book, patiently waiting for the advice part. Not that I would make a better author, but it would help if he at the end of each chapter explained why that excerpt of history is important to the “Optimist.”


Met a guy, also through hiking with a mirroring personality as Jamie, a friend back home. Behavior (gestures), speech patterns, and attitude identical.  His placement though hiking the AT was somewhat baffling based on this attitude towards life, but to each their own. I am sure he has his own reasons. I should have took the time to talk to him more to see what he gets or got out of the trail.

Overwhelming amount of what I believe is iron at this water source…at least it tastes of iron.20170711_152440

The next water source was brackish…what is with this section of water sources?

Luckily the water source at camp was decent. 🙂

Day 86 (Mile 1146.8 – 1151.5):


Package with my portable battery had not arrived until noon at the post office so I stuck around in town for a while today. Luckily, the battery came half charged so not too much time lost waiting. Charged the rest in a restaurant I ate lunch at.  Managed to also download some new musics I found.

I spy a 322 route sign. ^^20170710_170951


Could have made it to the next shelter six miles further, but if the terrain was as bad as it had been for the past one mile prior to this shelter, I wasn’t going to take it the risk.